to Elle’s Easy-to-follow Cooking!

I’m Elle Alexandrova. I’m a software engineer, a mountain fancier, an improviser (as a part of an improvisational theater troupe), puns (and dad jokes) lover, and a cooking and baking enthusiast, of course!

I would have loved to tell you the story of how I started cooking as a child with a deep passion… However, that would be a tall lie… In the past I wasn’t into cooking. TBH, I even thought I would never get into cooking (I can even picture myself saying the same exact words a few years ago!). However…

I started cooking ever so often a few years ago… and I loved it! I find it exciting to experiment with various ingredients and flavours. The feeling of seeing and tasting the beautiful and delicious result is amazing!
I wanted to share this fantastic feeling with you by assembling this collection of recipes and trying to keep them as easy-to-follow as possible.

Happy cooking! xo